Notice Required for Structures with Light-Frame Truss-Type Construction.

The Florida Legislature has adopted into law Administrative Code 69A-60.0081.  The purpose of this rule is to require the placement of an identifying symbol on structures constructed with a light-frame truss component in a manner sufficient to warn persons conducting fire control and other emergency operations of the existence of light-frame truss-type construction in the structure.

The identifying symbol is a Maltese Cross measuring 8 inches horizontally and 8 inches vertically, with a bright red reflective color.

Any commercial, industrial or multiunit residential structure of three units or more, which uses horizontal or vertical light-frame truss-type construction in any portion shall be marked with this symbol.

While Florida Administrative Code 69A-60.0081 requires the owners of both new and existing structures to comply with this law by procuring and attaching the placards to their structures, the City of Winter Haven has opted to provide the symbols at no cost to property owners who have this type of truss construction. 

To obtain the placards please stop by the Fire Safety Complex Administrative Building located at 301 Ave. G, SW or if you have any questions concerning this please contact the City of Winter Haven Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division at (863) 291-5692 or (863) 291-5693.


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